February 2009 : Sorry for the lack of updates, I had some crazy years.
I will try to upload everything this and next month, including new tutorials, objects and textures.


This VW Passat was modeled 3 or 4 years ago but just now I found time to render it. The car is modeled with sudivisions, the background is also a 3d, I used just minimal 2D editing.

Click the image bellow for the 1280x720 movie, it has around 40MB, wmv format. The music is by broadkaster and calpomatt.

Here are a few of the ilustrations that I done for Popular Mechanics magazine in the last couple of years.

This is the Ducati motorcycle image that was selected in the Expose 3 book and also won the Animago Award in the "Transport category".

VW Touareg, I did it back in 2004

Ferrari Enzo

Here are some very old renderings made before 2002/2003.